In the Park

Lost Child Information


Here at Laya Healthcare’s City Spectacular we aim to not only make sure you and your family have fun, but to stay safe throughout the weekend. Below is an outline of the precautionary steps courtesy of Laya Healthcare that should be taken should a child go missing in the park.

Put a ‘Laya Healthcare lost child’ number on your child

This is a unique number that will help the LHCS team locate your child should they wander away from you. Lost children numbers can be collected at our information points and should be immediately attached to your child, this free service is highly recommended.

Arrange a meeting place with your child

As soon as you arrive at the event, pick an easily found spot at the festival. If you get separated, this is the first place you should both go. You’d be amazed how many times this works, but if it doesn’t.... LHCS staff will bring lost children directly to the Laya Healthcare Lost Child Tent.

Ask any member of the LHCS team and they will bring you straight to the Lost Child Tent

Try not to worry they are always found... usually sitting watching a show and oblivious to being ‘lost’ in the first place. We also suggest giving your mobile number on a slip of paper and popping it in your child’s pocket. That way they can pass it to us and we can give you a call if they arrive at the First Aid/ Lost Kids Area.